You know you’re in Colorado when…

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December 24, 2012 by mihitoxophilite

…you can go out for a walk, and almost get eaten by a mountain lion.

From the news this past week.

Just to the north of us:

BOULDER, Colo.—Officials say a hiker and her dog took refuge in an outhouse after they were confronted by a mountain lion west of Boulder.

The Boulder Daily Camera reports ( the woman and her dog stayed in the outhouse for several minutes Thursday until the lion moved off.

from the Denver Post

Just to the south of us:

COLORADO SPRINGS – Park rangers are on the lookout for an aggressive mountain lion that approached two people at Cheyenne Mountain State Park Friday.

Portions of the park will be closed this weekend as rangers try to find and euthanize the mountain lion.

In a matter of seconds, Lindsey Grewe went from jogging on the trail to running for her life when the mountain lion began chasing her.

“I’m screaming, but I don’t think anyone heard me. I really thought he was going to attack me, I just had visions of, I see it crossing through my mind that I was going to get eaten,” Grewe said.

from 9News


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