Entertainment || How Hollywood’s Archery Obsession Actually Impacted the Sport

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December 14, 2012 by mihitoxophilite

From Hollywood.com:

The sudden emergence of the bow and arrow in pop culture has positively invigorated fans to pick it up in real life, but the trained archers hope that newfound interest pushes Hollywood to better represent the sport in the future. “Brave obviously benefited from technical advice that made archery look excellent and authentic in that movie, but other films and television shows would strongly benefit from receiving technical advice from an archer,” Johnson says. Archery is not a one-bow-fits-all sport — Johnson notes that if an archer in a film uses a compound bow, he should work with a compound archer. If they shoot instinctively (without sights), work with an archer who understands instinctive shooting. Simple.

While The Avengers‘ Hawkeye may have been deemed an awful archer by the sports standards and Oliver Queen’s form barely registers during action scenes on Arrow, the dreams of professional archers are seeping into Hollywood productions. Last year, four-time Olympian Khatuna Lorig was hired to beef up Jennifer Lawrence’s archery skills in The Hunger Games. She consulted on making the action more realistic, a far cry from fantasy and sci-fi of the past. The Georgia-born archer has a particular gripe with Lord of the Rings. “[You] can’t shoot with two arrows and like that.” So 2012 wasn’t just about archery, it was about realistic archery.

Read the whole thing…

Let’s hear a huzzah for realistic archery! I’m afraid after learning how to shoot a bow and arrow yourself, it’s difficult not to become a bit of an archery snob. Sadly true. No matter how engaging the film is, suddenly you realize you’re grumbling at the archer about his anchor point…or complete lack of one. (That is, the hand drawing the arrow back should be touching the side of your face.)



This ain’t gonna cut it. And let’s not get started about Hawkeye’s shooting from the hip technique.


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