Oo-De-Lally! (An introduction.)


November 7, 2012 by mihitoxophilite

My first introduction to archery was by an orange character running around with no pants. (Don’t judge.) I should probably mention that he was also an animated fox. He ran around with a bear and a badger (at least, I think it was supposed to be a badger), and when he finally rescued his lady fox (whose uncle was a lion) and got married, they took along a bunny equally archery-obsessed to watch their future kids. (Clearly I should never write synopsis for Disney.)

I don’t know what it was about this that made me go “Yes! Archery!” but it did. (Stop judging.) Of course, I was only single-digits as I watched this in my grandma’s living room, so this thought was usually forgotten when the next toy commercial or catalog caught my attention. But every time Disney’s Robin Hood came on screen, “Yes! Archery!” would resound in my head once more.

Fast forward a decade and a half or so and the Chronicles of Narnia movie came out, featuring a bow-wielding girl who was personally armed by Santa Clause. “Yes!” I thought as I sat in the theatre. “Archery!” Less-inclined to be distracted by the latest toys, I actually took the initiative to search out an archery school, so I too could emulate Susan Pevensie and my much beloved Fox Robin Hood.

The results might as well have spelled out “No archery for you!” Sure, there were classes for kids and teens, but if you happened to be a hopeful 21-year-old, you were out of luck. History repeated itself when Chronicles of Narnia #2 came out. Still no classes for young adults of the toxophilite variety. My attention returned to my singing degree and growing interest in being a librarian.

Fast foward a few years. God, in His infinite humor, pulled a few strings and in walked a new step-dad. With a love of teaching a certain activity.

Welcome to my life. There will be humor. There will be problems. There will be an archery school and instructor certification. (Really God? Me, teach?) There will Colorado and the good ol’ cow town of Denver. There will be a Golden Retriever who channels the Cowardly Lion and a goat. There will be a whole mess of other things. But most of all, there will be lots and lots of archery.


One thought on “Oo-De-Lally! (An introduction.)

  1. anya elise says:

    Really loved this blogging kick-off. Now your fans demand more! 🙂

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